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Posted by Awanama

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Settlers want Anak to stop making false charges against <b>Felda</b> ABN <b>...</b>

Posted: 19 Jan 2013 10:38 PM PST

KUANTAN, Jan 20 — Felda settlers want National Association of Felda Settlers Children (Anak) president Mazlan Aliman to stop making false and provocative charges against Felda (Federal Land Development Authority) because his struggle has never been blessed by settlers and is a futile exercise.

Triang 3 Bera Felda settler Ramli Abdullah, 51, said, Mazlan's struggle  lacked direction.

"He (Mazlan) tried to get settlers' support by protesting against the listing of Felda Global Venture Holdings (FGVH), hoping they would be influenced by his propaganda," he told Bernama recently.

Ramli, who became a settler in 1986, said Felda had given much incentives to settlers and their families whether in terms of education, health or boosting their standard of living.

As such, he said, Mazlan himself, as a son of a settler, or the opposition should not disturb the settlers and allow them to live in harmony and unity.

He said, Mazlan, who is from Felda Bukit Ramun, Kulai, Johor should not make allegations against Felda, but must be thankful of the luxuries enjoyed due to the effort of Felda and the government.

On the listing, Ramli said, it was a noble move by Felda and the government in the effort to develop and elevate Felda to global level to boost its income. Faridah Tarmizi, 51, from the same scheme, said, her life and that of her family was vastly different since becoming a settler 26 years ago.

"However, the settlers' peace has lately been breached somewhat by the intrusion of the opposition (including Mazlan and Anak).

"This is what we don't want. Mazlan should find a struggle that benefits settlers instead of disrupting the existing convenience, prosperity and unity among us, lest, in the end, we lose," said the mother of five.

Mazlan, allegedly used Anak to make allegations against Felda including by claiming settlers' land would be pawned off if FGVH was listed, and most recently, he had claimed raw palm oil was being sold to Israel.

Kamaruddin Mat Doaa, 73, a settler from Lurah Bilut, Bentong, denied the listing was not beneficial but on the other hand, he said it was a windfall.

Meanwhile, Amran Shaari, 40, from Triang Tiga Felda said, Mazlan's propaganda had no effect on the second generation of Felda settlers as his struggle was not beneficial to or helped the economy of the group.

"He was also purportedly so enthusiastic in wanting to give us land. Why does he want to give us land from Felda Plantation, which if divided, will only give us an acre each?

"What will happen to more than 20,000 staff of Felda? Who will bear the burden of managing and administering 317 Felda schemes? The majority of the staff are Malay. Are we keen to pour sand into their rice bowl? " he said.

As such, he advised the new generation of Felda settlers to see through  Mazlan's scare tactics with both eyes and a clear conscience and not just support without knowing the motive behind his false struggle.- BERNAMA

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