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felda gedangsa - Google Blog Search

Blog Felda: <b>felda gedangsa</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 11:08 PM PST

Bertempat di Stadium Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam Selangor pada 29hb November 2013 jam 4 hingga 7 petang, Kelab Eksplorasi 7 Benua (KE7B) telah melakukan ujian saringan yang dinamakan "Bleep Test" bagi memilih 17 orang peserta yang layak untuk meneruskan latihan bagi Misi Penjelajahan KE7B Malaysia Greenland 2014 (KE7BMG2014).

Daripada hampir 29 juta orang rakyat Malaysia, hanya 117 orang telah hadir pada sesi pemilihan pertama manakala 13 daripadanya adalah anak FELDA.

36 orang peserta bertuah telah berjaya terpilih daripada 117 yang hadir pada pemilihan pertama, pemilihan berikutnya pula 26 orang mampu bertahan dan kini hanya 17 yang terpilih untuk meneruskan perjuangan.

Apa yang paling menarik adalah misi penjelajahan ke Greenland oleh KE7B ini turut menarik perhatian anggota unit beruniform seperti Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia dan Polis Diraja Malaysia.

7 anggota PDRM dari pasukan "Elit" iaitu Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) Bukit Aman menyertai pemilihan pertama dan yang menariknya adalah 2 anggota UTK berkenaan adalah anak FELDA.

13 orang anak FELDA telah menyertai sesi pemilihan pertama namun hanya 2 orang sahaja yang berjaya melayakkan diri pada Jumaat lepas dan kedua-duan anak FELDA ini adalah anggota UTK Bukit Aman.

Anggota UTK Bukit Aman yang kekal hingga hari ini untuk meneruskan cabaran adalah seramai 3 orang termasuk 2 orang anak FELDA yang penulis nyatakan diatas.

2 orang anak FELDA yang penulis nyatakan adalah Muhamad Shaiful Hisyam Bin Abd Aziz, 24, yang berasal dari Felda Gedangsa, Hulu Selangor dan Yanizam Bin Mohamad Supiah, 28, dari FELDA Keratong, Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

Cerita awal mereka semasa pemilihan pertama boleh dibaca di SINI.

Terus ikuti www.feldavoice.com untuk kenali mereka dengan lebih dekat lagi.


Shaiful Hisyam (belakang pertama dari kiri) dan Yanizam (belakang kedua dari kiri)





<b>felda gedangsa</b> - Google Blog Search | WARGA FELDA

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 12:00 AM PST

With Ramadhan approaching, this will probably be the last ride in a month. As usual I planned the route to include some offroad portion but this time with the aim of having lunch at Ma-Ni, a new restaurant just outside Tanjung Malim. Built and run by a fellow biker, I anticipate the place to be nice, and it really is.

The RV point was Sg Buluh RnR, and from there we head to Bt Beruntung to enter the offroad section which cuts across a secondary forest. This track is good as its not muddy, the surface being sandy. From there we exit at Sg Tengi Dam, joining tarmac after 25km offroading. Then we ride on to Seri Keledang, Gunung Besuit then loop back to Selim River before another portion of 12km of broken tarmac. After lunch at Ma-Ni we headed home.

When I got to the RV Point, Sg Buloh RnR, Cee Kay, Mel and Bin were already there. The bikes started trickling in and by 0730 we were ready to go. There were three riders new to the group for today, Chen on a GS, Victor on a Pegaso Trail and Bin on a Tiger. The light stratus overhanging the morning holds promise of good weather.


Kev swapped his GSA with Lamb's MTS2.

A short 40km ride on the PLUS Hiway

Chen on his one day old GS. I met him at Wunderlich Shop and got him to join the ride. Told him there's a ride with offroad bits and he looked doubtful.
But I told him even girls on GS do the route, so he came.

The Bt Beruntung Exit

Heading to the broken tarmac route

ABS OFF, Traction Control to 70% spin.

The quiet morning was suddenly breached by the sound of rumbling boxer twins, although the MTS2's Termis was the loudest....Big dust trai rising through the trees,

This is Markus



Ang KP


Justine, with Eddy watching out for her

Eddy Tan is one the Group's more accomplished and responsible riders, always unselfishly looking out for others.

Victor's first ride with the group

Sunny and Bin on their GSA and Tiger

Bin Chin on his Tiger. First time joining the group.

Chen just collected his first GS yesterday. He rode a Z1000 previously. Firts group ride - offroad.

Cee Kay

Eddy Tan looking out for Justine.

The trail goes underneath the PLUS Highway exiting through the tunnel into a road that leads to Sg Tengi Dam.

Passing Hutan Simpanan Bukit Tarik


Sg Tengi Lake perimeter road.

We stopped at this stall near Kg Sg Tengi

After TT, we rode along the Felda road passing Kg Soeharto

Kg Seri Keledang. Kevin acting as marker for the rest

Crossing the bridge into Felda Gedangsa.

Fooling around with Lamb's Ducati

Estates are Private Property, and permission must be sought for entry.

Heading for Gunung Besuit

Then Markus started the ball rolling by flying past me

Eddy followed

Sunny Puan started to play

Mel promptly joined in

This bridge separates Felda Gedangsa and Felda Besuit.

This straight as an arrow dirt track got the boys into a frenzy as speeds up to 100km/h can be had

Entering Felda Besuit 1

We passed through this fairly steep loose gravel section. Heart in the mouth when you have a 300kg RM120k bike under you.

Justine was all stressed up here but she did well to ride through unassisted.

Must be a brotherhood syndrome when these two wears their Alam Flora jackets.

We reached tarmac after 1 hour in dirt

TT stop

After leaving Felda Besuit 2 we rode along this deserted tarmac road to Selim River for about 30km.

Fuel stop at Selim River

Another 20km before we passed through this security check to get to another dirt section.

Lamb on his MTS2 leading the GS

Justine brought her own 'Sanitary' Team, two janitors in Alam Flora.

After one more short stop we reached our Lunch RV at Ma-Ni. Sean called saying that he rode all the way from KL to meet us there.

Ma-Ni is a restaurant built and run by a friend of mine, Mahussin, an avid Harley rider who rides a Street Glide and a Crossbone. He also has a custom bike. We wanna get a GS under his butt at some stage. Ma-Ni is built in front of his house, and has a small stream running through it. Beautifully and tastefully done, we see it as a place for stops on our future rides around the area.

As we were having lunch, the Spyder group arrived for lunch.

They came complete with Police Escort and Marshalls.

Lunch over, its time for tok kok.

Tok Kok finishes, and its time to go

Another good ride. Less than 300km, with a total of 13 riders. Sean came later.

Roll Call:

2. Mel GS
3. Sunny Puan
4. Eddy Tan GSA
5. Cee Kay GS
6. Kevin GSA
7. Justine 650GS
8. Ang KP GS
9. Chen GS
10. Markus
11 Lamb MTS2
12. Bin Chin Tiger
13. Victor Pegaso
14. Sean F800GS

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