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Posted by Awanama

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Posted: 11 Nov 2012 11:14 PM PST

Prime Minister Najib Razak today said that Felda had set aside RM120 million for the 'Sentuhan Kasih' project to build houses for the second generation of Felda settlers and to enable them to venture into high-yielding cash crop project. 

For a start, he said 300 houses would be built in Felda settlements in Besut, Terengganu; Chini Timur 2, Pahang; and Tenggaroh, Johor, by end of this year. 

Najib said this at the Felda New Generation Assembly attended by some 12,000 youths nationwide at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam. 

NONEThe prime minister said: "We are ready to build 4,000 more houses if we can get more land." 

The prefabricated houses for the second generation of Felda settlers would be built at a cost of RM70,000 each with a monthly installment of RM360, he said. 

He said using the fabricated method, one house could be completed in just one week. 

The prime minister also said: "We also want new innovations, we want the second generation of Felda settlers to grow melons, rock melon for example, which has yellow skin, but with flesh so crunchy and can be sold to other countries, including Singapore." 

He said the settlers could also grow salad leaves or lettuce to increase their income. 

Najib said for the second generation of Felda settlers to be more successful than their parents, they must have knowledge, technology and innovation, besides land, fund and manpower. 

He said this was because knowledge could help the settlers to master the technology, which can replace the use of manpower, to create high-yielding economic activities, while innovation could lead them to a new source of income.

Overwhelming support

Meanwhile, the prime minister also expressed his gratitude with the overwhelming support given to him by the new generation of Felda settlers, saying that it also symbolised their hopes for the government to continue its tradition in taking care of the welfare of Felda new generation. 

Najib said UiTM was chosen as the venue for the assembly because the two institutions, Felda and UiTM, were founded by his father, the late Abdul Razak Hussein, the second prime minister who had changed the destiny of the young generation in the country. 

The assembly, which began yesterday and will end tomorrow, is jointly organised by UiTM, Felda and Felda Youth Council. 

Other activities have also been lined up for the three-day programme, including an academic discourse, Xplorace and paintball competitions, cultural performance, lucky draws and exhibition. 

- Bernama

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