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felda bukit goh - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 20 Feb 2012 12:00 AM PST

Still remember Mohd. Zulhafiz Abdul Ghani, 21, the young man who suffered a mysterious illness where there was a 20 kilogram  tumor at his left shoulder?

He died last night at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital (TAAH) Kuantan yesterday.

According to newspaper report, the last child out five siblings died with family members by his side after getting treatments from the hospital for two weeks.

His father, Abdul Ghani Mohamed, 64, said that last week, the 20 kilogram tumor suddenly burst, with blood and liquid gushing out.

"The amount of liquid was as much as a pail and it left a hole with the size of a table tennis ball.

"After the incident, he seemed a little less in pain, his movements was a lot better because the tumor was reduced.

"But who would have thought that he would leave us all," he said after Mohd. Zulhafiz's funeral at Perkampungan Felda Bukit Goh Cemetery here today.

Mohd. Zulhafiz was buried at 11am this morning after a prayer was held for him that was attended by about 100 people.


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Blog Felda: <b>felda bukit goh</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 10:00 PM PST

Terkini: Berhibur Bersama "Sham Kamikaze" Di <b>Felda Bukit Goh</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 09:44 PM PST

Orang ramai terutamanya anak-anak muda yang gemarkan hiburan adalah dijemput hadir beramai ke Felda Bukit Goh dekat sini jam 9.00 malam ini. Difahamkan satu ceramah perdana akan diadakan yang menampilkan Dr.Rosli Yaakob, Bekas Timbalan Gabenor Bank Negara dan juga Sham Kamikaze (foto). Semua dijemput hadir. Harap Maklum . (sebarkan)

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