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Posted by Awanama

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Posted: 06 May 2012 01:15 AM PDT


Kuala Rompin – Cases of burglary and motorcycle theft and money fund mosques around Felda Keratong, Bandar Tun Razak becoming more common to invite fear among the population living in the area.

In the past two months, three cases of burglary have been reported in the Felda group with a similar modus operandi to sneak the victim came to the house early in the morning. />
The Star Report on March 4 last, for example, a widow who receives assistance 1Malaysia People (BR1M) 'berputih eyes' when the money is 'lost' overnight, after his house at Felda Keratong, 1, here broken into.

Effarizah Solomon, 26, said as a result of the incident, he is becoming more careful to make sure his house was constantly illuminated with lights and lock the door front and back of the house.

"We are concerned with this incident and hope the police conduct a thorough investigation to ensure the safety of the residents can be addressed," he said.

The Block 18 Keratong 2 , Mary, Thursday said a burglary in a day that also included the residence when the suspect is believed to break into his house through the kitchen window.

She urged the police to be more frequent patrols in the area because so much times a burglary case occurred in the vicinity of Felda.

"The police are always asked for patrols to ensure the area is not contaminated with such immoral activities to ensure a more secure area in the near future," he said .

On 20 April, Masjid At-Taqwa Felda Keratong 4, was shocked by the loss of money when it is believed to fund mosques dikebas thief when all pilgrims finished the Asr prayer.

So unfortunately, the incident happened four times in the past two years and recently it happened last Thursday when a broken tube mosque, and another fund to take away. />
mosque committee has not ruled out the act do 'mat addictive' desperate to find money to willing to make the Islamic holy house of worship as they do the heinous act.

estimated in the last two years alone, more than RM5, 000 is not responsible for individual dikebas including the theft of the fan foot mosque and prayer time views.

Imam mosque, Jelani Mat Yes', said the parties committed acts deemed condemned the heinous act of God, even more so the act is done in character.

"We hope that parties concerned immediately realize that the act that he incurred the wrath of God and the money obtained by theft results were not blessed," he said.

New , Masjid Felda Keratong 5 will become the next target of thieves, when two bikes run there the congregation is not responsible. />
these thieves are believed to sell the motorcycle to the buyer of scrap metal so that they can make money other than complicate the authorities to detect 'subtle' involved. />
Rompin District police chief, Deputy Superintendent Jahaya Johari said a total of seven reported cases of burglary, theft of motorcycles, while 18 were recorded during January to April.

He said, there was a case of housebreaking and theft of motorcycles in the previous year, but police warned firm would not be silenced by the symptoms, especially in the Felda.

"We take seriously the issue of breach of house and stolen motorcycles, but hopes that the community can assist the police through information channels so that they are not responsible for this can dicekup for further action, "he said.

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