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Posted by Awanama

felda tenggaroh - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 17 Mar 2013 12:00 AM PDT

Rumor has it that DAP will be contesting Tenggaroh in the next GE.  Now that would be interesting in so many ways.

Consider for a moment the ethnic composition (according to SPR Register September 2012)
Malay - 81.8%, Chinese - 13.8%, Indian - 1.8%, Others - 2.7%

Tenggaroh is what most people would think a BN stronghold with almost 60% of Malay voters being Felda settlers from the large Felda Nitar and Felda Tenggaroh settlements.  In the 2008 BN was represented by MIC in Tenggaroh and YB Murukaswari won 74% of the popular votes with a fairly comfortable majority of more than 8,000 against Shahar Abdullah of PAS.

What makes DAP confident of contesting here, then?

First, I was told that DAP will be fielding a Malay candidate.

Second, there are those who question why the overwhelmingly Malay-majority constituency is represented by MIC when there are plenty of other state seats with much higher Indian voters than Tenggaroh.

Third, DAP is banking on PAS support to ensure a substantial Malay vote, to ensure that they will have a Malay ADUN should Salahuddin fails to secure Nusajaya for PAS.

If this is so, this will be a test of Umno's mettle, whether it can prove that it will support and campaign for a non-Malay candidate in a Malay-majority constituency.  It is also a test whether the BN formula is still accepted by rural Johor Malays.

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