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Felda Bukit Rokan - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 15 May 2011 11:56 PM PDT

Felda Security Services Sdn Bhd (FSSSB) was established in June 1976, initially under Land Development Ordinance 1956. On 4 September 1995, it converted into a company under the Companies Act.

Felda Security Services personnel have authority to exercise the powers of Auxiliary Police personnel.

The company provides static, armed security services to FELDA and the Felda Group of Companies.

This takes the form of static security for buildings, offices, residencies, installations, factories depots and ports.

This service extends to include conducting road blocks, yield patrols and social patrols.

It also supplies supplementary safety equipments, services and sells fire extinguishers, fire alert systems, CCTV equipments and offers pest control services

In addition, FSSSB also runs police oriented training programmes at its Auxilary Police Training Center located at Felda Bukit Rokan, Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan.

The Center conducts training programmes for auxiliary police agencies as well as development training programs for the Felda Group and its settler communities.

FSSSB offers security services to the Felda Group as well as other organizations.

In addition, FSSSB runs training programmes at its Auxiliary Police Training Center at Felda Bukit Rokan, Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan.

This is the venue for many Felda multiple development and motivation-based training activities, as well as security-related training for auxiliary police agencies, the Felda Group, various communities and other organisations.

FSSSB also provides supplementary safety equipment and related services :

Security Control 

  • Static Security Service
  • Patrol Security Service
  • Cash In Transit (CIT) Service
  • Escort Service
  • Sale of Security Equipment
  • Sales and service of fire extinguishers
  • Pest Control Services
Training Center Courses 
  • Basic Auxiliary Police Course
  • Self Miracle and Excellent Organisation (via Team Building)
  • Effective Security Officers
  • Effective Customer Orientation
  • Management Skills
  • Management Globalisation 
  • Effective Supervisors
  • Work Etiquette
  • Fun Work 
  • Neuro Synergy and Strategy 
  • Personal Protection
  • New Edge Leadership 
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Welcome to my world

Posted: 23 May 2010 12:00 AM PDT

THEY may only be auxiliary policemen but their grit and determination to protect and serve is second to none.

And, despite not being exposed to a similar gruelling training programme, they can rival their regular counterparts in discharging their duties to maintain peace and order.

These characteristics were exhibited by the Felda Security Services' auxiliary cops during a demonstration on ways to quell riots, to check street crimes such as snatch thefts and the effectiveness of its light action force and canine units in Seremban recently.
The men-in-blue also wowed the crowd with their foot drill and martial arts skills which they acquired after attending a two-month training stint at the various police training centres nationwide.

Taking aim: Abu Seman (right) and Mohd Yusof (second from right) trying out their shooting skills at Felda Bukit Rokan's shooting range in Gemencheh.

Felda chairman Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor said the auxiliary police unit was set up on June 1, 1976, to provide some form of security in its schemes, particularly those located in remote areas.

The unit, which had a modest beginning, has now swelled to 2,300 officers.

"In 2007, we achieved a milestone when an elite squad was set up whose duties included carrying out intelligence work.

"The establishment of a light strike force, a weapon handling unit and a canine unit then followed suit," he said at the opening of Felda Security Services' shooting range and the unveiling of its canine unit at Felda Bukit Rokan in Gemencheh, Negri Sembilan.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop launched the event.

Mohd Yusof said the setting up of the auxiliary unit has yielded positive results as the teams have managed to keep crime low at the land schemes.

"In fact, our auxiliary cops have also been roped in by the regulars to carry out operations on various occasions," he said.

Mohd Yusof said its dog unit now had 15 German Shephards and these intelligent canines were stationed at Serting, Sahabat, Mempaga Jaya and Trolak Jaya.

Hard at work: A German Shephard from the canine unit stops a snatch thief during the demonstration.
The dogs, he said, were trained at the police K-9 unit in Sepang for four months.

"The dogs were also deployed in our training at oil palm and rubber plantations, the quarters for foreign workers and at our processing plants and their success rate is good," he said, adding that according to statistics, these units have also been successful in checking the number of illegal immigrants.

On a lighter note, Mohd Noor said a dog breeding unit had also been set up recently.

"We bought two female dogs from Germany in December and in February both gave birth to a total of nine pups," he said adding that other enforcement agencies would also be allowed to use the 10.8ha shooting range as well as other facilities availabe like the living quarters, hall and a surau.

Abu Seman commended Felda for setting up its own auxiliary team.

"This will also help us in checking crime particularly in faraway places where the police presence was small," he said, adding that by having more such teams, the government's efforts to reduce street crimes by 20% and the national crime index by 5% annually could be achieved.

He said, at present, there were only two police stations and 61 beat bases manned by 132 police personnel at the 317 Felda land schemes.

Abu Seman said the police were prepared to provide training to the auxiliary cops.

"We are more than happy to be able to provide them with the necessary training which will be shorter than the one for regular recruits," he said adding that the role of the auxiliary units was also important as they had to look after more than a million settlers and their families and some 45,000 foreigners working in the schemes.

"Just like anywhere else, you will have drug abuse, theft, social problems and even vandalism at the Felda scheme," he said.

He said the government has also agreed to grant auxiliary policemen wider powers and they now have similar powers outside their area of jurisdiction.

"From now on, the 14,790 auxiliary cops from 89 agencies are also empowered to carry out their duties outside the workplace. This will help reduce crime," he said.

Abu Seman said the people could also help the authorities to reduce crime by becoming members of Rakan Cop.

As April, 337,459 people had been registered nationwide with 6,471 in Negri Sembilan.

"We need more people to participate as this would benefit everyone," he said, adding that 25 local councils would install 496 CCTV units in the peninsula in July to make cities and townships a safer place to be.

He also advised auxiliary policemen to always obey the law and never to abuse their powers.

Source : http://thestar.com.my

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